Great Western Reggae Soundclash (Platform Yellow)

by Erin Bardwell Collective



Erin Bardwell Collective plus Friends, Guests and Studio Stars


released February 1, 2017

Tracks 1-4 written by Bardwell
Track 5 written by Pete Fitzsimmons
Produced by Erin Bardwell

Artwork by Paul Towler

Guest guitarists Neol Davies (The Selecter) & Dave Clifton (Original Hotknives) on BEST NEWS OF THE YEAR

Jase Hill guitar on THESE WALLS

Guest Trombone Sarah Loveday-Drury (King Solomon Band)

Sandra Bell - Vocals
Ed Frankis - Guitars
Drums by Matty Bane & Pete O'Driscoll

Guest toasting by Nevil Banton


Sonya Beale - Bassoon, Vocals & Tenor Sax
Rowena Cameron - Alto Sax
Rachael Birkin - Strings (Violins & Violas)
Harki Popli - Tablas
Heather O'Neill & Souad Bouterfas - Backing Vocals

Erin Bardwell - Voice, Hammond, piano, Vox organ, melodica, accordion, keyboards, guitar, percussion and various other sounds & noises



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Erin Bardwell Collective UK

UK reggae & rocksteady band. Established 2003 (studio) & 2004 (live). Currently a 5 to 6 piece line up with guests. Organ driven early reggae sound with
male & female vocals.
Played a live 'In The Hub' BBC session on 6 Music for Tom Robinson on 22nd April 2008.
As championed by Steve Lamacq in 2011 on Radio 2.
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Track Name: Why Why
Did you do those things

Reggae reggae
Reggae sound clash
Reggae reggae
The Great Western Reggae

Did you do those things
Track Name: Best News Of The Year
I just heard the best news of the year
Don't fear, it's near
New connections, reflections, suggestions
But only you will know

I just heard the news of a new life
A new breath, a new breath
A new set of new hands

The first day of June
Couldn't come too soon
New seasons here, no need to fear

The warmth and the heat
We have a seat
Waiting for you, waiting for you
When you arrive

A sister
A daughter
A mother
A connection
A reflection
A place for you
Track Name: Edith New
Now you're free
Hopefully forever
But am I free?
When will it be?
When they come knocking for me

Now you're free
Hopefully forever
Now that voting's for all
The chains and railings protest
A government test

You knew for sure
That that was the law to be changed

Hard to believe
That that was the law of the land

Now you're free
Hopefully forever

Now you're free
Now you're free

And we wont forget
Edith New

Still work to do for Edith New......
Track Name: It's No Lie
It's no lie
How I would
If you ever leave
It's no lie
How I would

Every time I gently lie
Every time I hear you breathe
By my side

Inner world you make for me
By my side

Holding you more than a while
Holding thoughts just born to smile
By my side
There's a time to say what's true
Every moment like it's new
That I'm with or without you
Take these words away in truth
By your side